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Oliver’s Pictures (5/18/2021) - Check out this page for the latest in baby Oliver's pictures!
The Getaway 2020 (12/11/2020) - We had to get out of the city and breath that fresh ocean air and thanks to Colleen and Steven… Read more The Getaway 2020
Camping 2020 (8/31/2020) - Ollie’s first camping trip! Bedal Campground in the shadow of Mt. Forgotten and lots of trees.
Summer Trip 2020 (7/6/2020) - We had to get out of the city for a bit and took a trip to visit family in northern… Read more Summer Trip 2020
First (Recorded) Steps! (4/7/2020) - Ollie has been attempting to walk for the past three weeks or so and we finally got some steps on… Read more First (Recorded) Steps!
Holidays 2019 (12/29/2019) -
Baby Oliver Photo Shoot (6/21/2019) - 6/8/2019 Two weekends ago Colleen (Aunty Caca) and Steven (Uncle Poopoo) came over to take some photographs with Esther, Kalyan,… Read more Baby Oliver Photo Shoot

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